Rock n Roll Dallas in Photos

3 Apr

On Sunday March 25, I, along with a few thousand other not so smart people hit the road for the 2012 Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  It was the first truly hot day of the year, making it a not so hot day for running.

That lady totally stole my thunder.

This was my worst timed half so far.  I am literally getting more terrible at these.  Mainly because I’ve got a bad habit of going in slightly unprepared.

At least I finish, right?  And I have not died yet which is a pretty big positive.  Mayhaps I can try a little harder and still not die?  I’ll have to try to find out.

Kissy face for the cameraman.

My time for this was 20 seconds slower than New Orleans – a race in which I fell and ate pavement knocking at least 5 minutes off my total time.  I’m going to go ahead and blame the heat (on top of my unpreparedness, of course).

Still Alive.

My parents and my nephews met me at the finish which was a fun surprise.  My older nephew asked me if I won.  Isn’t that precious?  I asked him if he noticed the 10,000 other people who finished before me.

And here is really the only picture from this day that matters.

Is that kid awesome or what?  His dad took the photo for us and he was anything but proud.

Next on the Half agenda is The Oklahoma City Memorial Half on April 29th.  Here’s hoping for some redemption.


The chosen one.

22 Mar

Outfit that is.

It took a lot of contemplating and careful consideration but I’ve decided on my Rock n Roll Dallas running ensemble.

Run Beast!
I saw that top online at Kohls and totally fell in love with it.  It just needs to be seen in a race doesn’t it?  Also it matches my bedroom, but that may be more than you need to know.
Aside from that you can find my usual running favorites.  Asics Gel Nimbus 13s, iFitness belt and my Honey Stingers gel.  And of course my leopard socks.  A girl can’t run a race without animal print socks.  Or is that just this girl?

The most ridiculous photos of my dog on my phone

11 Mar

Hello photo dump!

I’m somewhere in the middle of nowhere Texas. In a car with three other people and two dogs.

Let’s get down to business.







Impressive mammal, no?

Nawlinz, y’all

8 Mar

I should probably do some sort of recap about Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans, huh?

I fell.  Its the first time I’ve ever fallen in a race.  The roads for the majority of the run were not great.  But, you know, the city has been through a lot so you can’t get too ticked off at them.  My knee is pretty jacked up, but I’ll spare you that image.  I’m just glad all I ran away with were scrapes and bruises!  And lots of shame.

Ready to get this over with.

This is a fabulous course to do if you are looking for something fast and flat.  It felt like the first 10 miles were all downhill, and 7 or so of those miles were out and back so I’m not exactly sure how that works.  The only ‘hill’ was a tiny little bridge.  It was divine.

I promise I was really moving.  Really.

The scenery was entertaining and definitely kept me distracted.  We ran up and back down St. Charles along some gorgeous historical homes, and then headed down through the French Quarter before running down another residential area into the lovely Louis Armstrong Park.

Over it

The finish line was stocked with the usual goodies, water, bananas, bagels, Snickers Marathon bars, and my favorite – chocolate milk.  I grabbed my goods, had my knees and ankles wrapped in ice and then collapsed in the grass so I could try to track down my friends.

Due to the number of folks at the after party cell phone service kind of sucked, but I suppose that is to be expected with that many people around.  It took awhile, but miraculously we reunited our whole crew.  There were six of us that did the race, but it never occurred to us to take a photo all together.  The beer lines were short (!!!) so we all took our free beers and lounged in the park drinking and people watching for awhile.  There were some characters out there, y’all.

All in all a great race.  Especially since I wasn’t in the mood to do it.  At all.  If my friends would have let me I probably would have never left the hotel and just slept through it all.  Alas, I got up, ran 13 miles and I’m so glad I did.  Mostly because I love the mardi gras bead necklace.  Totally worth it.

Road Closure

28 Feb

I’ve never been so stoked for a road closure.


Gleeful Workout Jams

9 Feb

For nearly three years Glee songs have had a constant presence on my workout playlists.  The first time I heard their (original) version of Don’t Stop Believing I was totally hooked.

A couple years later I’ve slid off the bandwagon a bit as far as watching the show goes, but I am definitely still very much into the music.

Here are a few jams currently in rotation for my workouts.

Don’t Stop Believing (Regionals Version) – New Directions
I chose this version over the original because I love hearing everyone’s voices opposed to just Rachel and Finn.

Telephone – Lea Michele and Chaurice Pempenco
Dare I say I enjoy this version more than the original?  Its definitely a close call.  These ladies can siiinnnnng.

Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mash Up – Glee Girls
Holy mother of high energy.  If you’re a Glee fan you know the girls were all hopped up on caffeine pills a la Jessie Spano when they performed this.  Listening to this on your run will definitely give you an extra burst of energy.

Rumour Has It/Someone Like You Mash Up – Amber Riley and Naya Rivera with the Trouble Tones
I may have listened to nothing but this song for a month straight.  It is simply fabulous.  Adele should be proud.  Very proud.

River Deep Mountain High – Amber Riley and Naya River
Amber and Naya are my favorite singers on the show, they’ve got soul coming out the wazoo.

Teenage Dream – The Warblers
I love Darren Criss.  He is fantastic.  And adorable.  He had me when I saw this video of him rockin’ out to The Little Mermaid.

Also, you must check out the Mini Warbler.  So precious.

PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – Kevin McHale with Mike Chang Jr.
Mike Chang is my favorite dude on the show.  He is awesome.  Artie’s not so bad either.

Well, crap.

8 Feb

I’ve sort of abandoned this little ole blog huh?  My bad.  I suppose you could say I’ve been a bit uninspired lately.  I’m working on that.  Pinky swears.

So here’s what’s been going on.

-I rocked out my 3rd half marathon last weekend.  I ran 13.1 miles (13.4 according to my Garmin, ahem) around Anaheim and Disneyland at the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

-I’m running my next half marathon March 4 at the Rock n Roll New Orleans.  I’m pretty pumped.  Not so much about the running, but all the eating and drinking I plan to do across New Orleans.  Also, I’m pretty pumped about this:

That’s my kind of elevation chart.

-I’m volunteering at the Austin Marathon next weekend.  I’ll be working the expo on Saturday and handing out medals the morning of the race, should be fun!

-To say I’m stoked about seeing The Vow this weekend is a total understatement.  I plan on running straight from work to the theatre.  Channing Tatum, I’m a comin’.

You really don’t want to know how many times I’ve watched this trailer.  Odds of me being disappointed with the  movie?  17 to 1.

-I started the New Rules of Lifting for Women program this week.  I’ve only done two works outs, so I don’t want want to get too excited bout this, but I’ll keep you posted.  I will say the program has been really confusing to figure out, or I’m really dumb.  Probably the latter.

-I’ve sucked at race recaps lately so here are pics from my November and December races, the Turkey Trot and the Jingle Bell Run.

Don’t forget to tell me I look smart and that you love my antlers.