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I used to have a blog.

31 Aug

Oh hey.  Fancy seeing you here.

So its been 4 months since my last post.  I’ve been really on top of things.  Seriously, just super.  Shall we catch up?

1.  I’m signed up for 3 Half Marathons.  Disney’s Wine & DineThe Houston HalfThe Austin Half.  I’ll probably sign up for Dallas to while I’m at it.

2.  I’m pretty sure I hate running right now.  This will pass right?  I just have to push through the pain and hatred?

3.  I turned 30.  How the hell did this happen?  I swear I was just 18, and we all know I certainly act like I still am.  To celebrate I hopped on a cruise ship and avoided reality for a week.  It was glorious.

4.  I’ve been really good about working out in the morning’s this summer.  And by really good I mean good in comparison to the rest of my life.  I make it to a class an average of 2 mornings a week.  Who am I?!

5.  I miss this little place here on the interwebs.  Here’s hoping to more frequent posting, you know, now that I’m a legit, responsible grown up.