4 Apr

Almost a year ago I posted this.

Then finally last night this happened.

Yes, that is indeed a fan sneak preview poster.  Its only for very important people.  Please don’t be too jealous.

Also, these.

Legit Titanic special people 3D glasses.  I shall treasure these forever.  Disregard my bad skin and rat’s nest hair, not really sure what’s up with that.  Just enjoy my saucy side glance stare.

As much as I love the movie (really only the non-depressing first half), I have to say the 3D was kind of pointless.  The parts that really stood out in 3D were when the ship was sinking and honestly I don’t want to be any closer to that situation than 2D.   Its always a pleasure to see Leo and Kate together though so I (and my 15 year old self) thoroughly enjoyed that.

I’m certain the entire Titanic score will be stuck in my head for the next month.  Yes, Celine, I get it.  My heart will go on, too.


One Response to “Finally.”

  1. Kristin April 6, 2012 at 3:15 am #

    I told the hubs he has to take me. He’s less than excited. Ha!

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