Shame on me

19 Oct

I deserve a slap on the wrist for being a bad blogger.  And a bad blog reader.  Things is busy, y’all.


Let’s recap some business, shall we?

Last Week:
Monday: 6.5 miles on the treadmill
Tuesday: Running Class – 10 minute warm up, 1 mile time trial, 10 minute cool down
Wednesday: Body Pump Off
Thursday:  Training Sesh Off
Friday: Run Off
Saturday: Off Race for the Cure 5k

I can’t believe I forgot I was doing the Race for the Cure.  Recap coming soon!

This Week:
3.5 mile run (outside, y’all!!)
Monday: Off
Tuesday:  Training Sesh & 3 mile run
Wednesday: Off
Thursday:  Training Sesh
Friday: Run or off
Saturday: Uptown 5 mile Race




WTF is that?  It looks like a brain with fangs.  I am terrified.

Also, you should probably watch these pandas make out.


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