Race Review: Beach-Palooza

27 Sep

This past weekend I headed down to Galveston with some party peeps to do our first ever Beach-Palooza.  I already discussed my love of mud runs so I was pumped and ready to try one out sea (or gulf) side in the sand.

We got to the the race site around 10am, an hour before our 11am wave time.  Packet pick up was a breeze and the gear check was super organized and quick.  We had plenty of time to get psyched up for race time.

We started promptly at 11 and hit the sand runnin’.  The first half of the race was all running, with the one and only water stop being at the half way point.  Once the obstacles started, we jumped over walls, dashed through webs, fought ginormous beach balls, climbed a giant rope wall, crawled through sand pits, jumped over fire and swam through a freezing cold pool.

Confession:  I’m a spaz with a fear of falling skipped the terrifying balance beam and the obstacle where you had to jump from pod to pod.  I’ll work on that.

We received awesome pineapple medals at the finish which we had to show off immediately.


All I do is win, win, win no matter what.

Our resident superheroes totally rocked it.
My attempt at the Footloose dance ended terribly.  With me, in the sand.  Oops.

Random dude is totally judging us.  Like whoa.
No, I’m not pregnant, I blame Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Speaking of, once we tired of throwing back Mike’s Hard Lemonades, we headed back to our sweet weekend crib and enjoyed some post race fuel.
My first cheese in a can experiment since the 90s went splendidly.  Like riding a bike.  A delicious fake cheddar flavored bike.

It was really hard to decide what video we all wanted to watch.  Its a tough call between WWF and awesome cartoons.

Aren’t these houses gorgeous?  I totally live in the wrong neighborhood, y’all.


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