8 Sep

Last Friday afternoon I hit the road with two of my high school BFFs so we could drop one of them off in Seattle, that place way up there in the great hidden northwest (as dubbed by one of our many guidebooks).
Do you know how much fun it is to drive due west between 5 and 9pm?  I don’t recommend it.

Texas brought some exciting stops, most importantly Cracker Barrel of Amarillo and Mount Claude.  Also known as Claude, Tx.

Stopping at a gas station is a much bigger adventure when they provide the photo ops for you.  Have you seen mah bull?

While our trek through the T-X wasn’t so scenic, the rest of the drive sure made up for it.  Hello beautiful!

Did you know that random gas stations in the middle of Oregon (or maybe Idaho?) still have phone booths?  The booths lack phones so they must just be there for ambiance.  Few things make cornfields go by quicker than a cold and creamy push up.  Nom.

Questions you ask yourself in the middle of Idaho:  Why wasn’t my high school mascot the Honker?

If you ever get the chance to go to Eden, Idaho, don’t.

Middle of nowhere, Idaho will introduce you to precious and feisty mammals.  These beasts were not to be messed with y’all.

We traveled from Texas to New Mexico, through Colorado, Utah and Oregon before landing in Washington.  It was waaaaay too late to pose for pics in New Mexico, Colorado and Washington, but I’m pretty sure the joy of these pics makes up for those missed opportunities.

Stay tuned for pics from our final destination annnnnd our short stay in Salt Lake City!


One Response to “Trippin’”

  1. meri September 9, 2011 at 4:04 am #

    What a fun trip! Its been way too long since I road tripped it with friends!

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