90s Party

29 Aug

Remember these?

My friend JR and I had a  joint birthday party this weekend… with a 90s theme.  It.  Was.  Fabulous.

I took approximately 8 photos, half of which were of the floor.  Sadness.  I am currently patiently awaiting my friends to upload pictures so I can steal all of them.  There were slap bracelets, velvet Doc Martens, denim vests and Simpsons t-shirts.  Appearrances were made by Lara Croft, Blossom, a 1999 Sonic Carhop and of course me, as Garth from Wayne’s world.

My DC roomie and I rooftopping it up downtown.

Anywhozzle, let’s discuss my workouts.

Last Week:
Off, birthday recovery
Monday:  Run (3.5 miles)
Tuesday:  Boot Camp 2 mi run + 10 minute stairmaster sesh
Wednesday:  Run (3 mi)
Thursday:  Boot Camp
Friday:  Boot Camp Off
Saturday:  Off Training Sesh

Not too shabby, I seem to be terrible at making it to boot camp more than once a week.  Given the ridic temperatures outside, I’m kind of okay with that.

Run  Off, oops
Monday:  Run
Tuesday:  Boot Camp
Wednesday:  Run
Thursday:  Boot Camp
Friday: Off (Road Trip!)
Saturday:  Run or Off

I’m kind of bummed I didn’t fit in my ‘long’ (read:  4 miles)  run for the week yesterday, but I did my last volunteer shift (major sadness!) for Junior League annnnd had lots of play time with my mom.  So I guess its all good.

If you’re into theme parties, what’s your most favorite theme?


2 Responses to “90s Party”

  1. Eat: Watch: Run August 29, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    My hubs had a 90s bday party a few years ago and I dressed up like Blossom and my friend dressed up like Six. We could not get my hubs to dress up like Joey, which was a slight disappointment. 🙂

  2. [SMASH] at Sweat. Style. Swoon. August 29, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    Cannot wait to see the 90s party photos! 😀 We were just talking about slap bracelets yesterday!

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