Oddfellows for the win

22 Aug

I finally had my first Oddfellows experience this weekend.  I’ve been wanting to go there for month’s but I had never thought about it at the right time.

Its delish, you Dallas folks must check it out if you haven’t yet.

I was first impressed with their awesome coffee selection.  Ever since my trip to Miami, I’ve been looking for a somewhere around Dallas that serves Cuban coffee – a Cortado or Cortadito.  Guess who has it?  Oddfellows!

We had some fab onion rings to share.  They were super crunchy and tasty, almost tempura-like.

For my entree I enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken Mac n Cheese.  It was to die for.  Super creamy, with just enough kick thanks to the buffalo chicken.

I’ll definitely be going back, very soon if I have my way!  Their breakfast items looked delicious so I absolutely must try something off that part of the menu.  Pancake sampler?  French Toast pudding?  Heck yes!

The atmosphere is down home, but very bright and clean.  We had to wait 30 minutes for a table, which was no problem due to the cute stores right next door.  The Bishop Arts district is full of great places to eat, Tillman’s, BEE, Hatties, Eno’s, and Bolsa all come to mind, and Oddfellows definitely adds their own deliciousness into the mix.


2 Responses to “Oddfellows for the win”

  1. [SMASH] at Sweat. Style. Swoon. August 22, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Yum. That mac & cheese looks so legit! My foodie friend LOVES Bolsa and Hatties!

  2. Carolina August 24, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    Ok, so that al looks DEELICIOUS! I’ve been wanting to try Crossroads for a minute, I’ll definitely have to make the trek over there. That Cuban coffee sounds amazing! I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before. I think I found you through Smash’s blog. Either way, I’m glad I did 🙂

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