Take a Pitcher, It’ll Last Longer

8 Aug

Its Monday y’all!  Another glorious week ahead.

On Saturday I paid a visit to one of my favorite places ever, Home Goods.  My mama hooked me up with this  sweet new pitcher that has a cylinder you can fill with fruits or veggies (or whatever) to infuse your water.  I posted this one when I linked up with Tara for Target Tuesday a few weeks ago.  I loaded up on cucumbers at the grocery store last night and got down to business.

Me thinks my knife has seen better days.

A view from the top.

At last, cucumber-licious water!

I’m going to use the crap out of this thing, especially as long as it is going to stay ridiculously hot outside.  Lemons, cherries, oranges… I’ve got my eye on you!

In workout news I’m finally cashing in on a groupon I bought last summer which means its time for Boot Camp!  I haven’t been to a boot camp in almost two years, so I’m a wee bit nervous.

Basically, its going to kick my bootie and I’m terrified  I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do when its 105 degrees at 6:30 at night.  I’m sure everybody driving down Turtle Creek is looking forward to seeing me vom my guts up.

Here’s how last week panned out.

Last week:
Run & BodyPump (3.1 miles)
Spin & Dog walkin’ Ab workout from sobbing over mouth pain.
Tuesday:  Run Root Canal City
Wednesday:  BodyPump
Thursday:  Run *2.7 miles)
FridayStairMaster Off
SaturdayOff Melon Dash 5k (recap coming up!)

And what’s on the horizon for this week.

This Week:
Spin & BodyPump (ch-ch-check!)
Monday:  Run!
Boot Camp
Wednesday:  Run.
Thursday:  Boot Camp
Friday:  Boot Camp
Saturday:  Off

What’s the last new workout you tried?


2 Responses to “Take a Pitcher, It’ll Last Longer”

  1. [SMASH] at Sweat. Style. Swoon. August 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

    I love HomeGoods too! That really is the coolest pitcher. Hope you enjoy boot camp!


  1. Weekend Rewind + Upcoming Week « The Adventures of Living, Learning & Dreaming… - August 15, 2011

    […] friend Lindsey blogs her workouts for the week and then wraps them up and this week, I thought I’d give it a […]

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