Another miscellaneous Monday

25 Jul

Holler Peeps!

I’m back from a fun weekend with friends.  After volunteering Friday night I put my party pants on to head to the lake on Saturday.  there were pringles, some pontoon-ing, two-step watchin’, and booty dancin’.

Also I locked my keys in my car.  Praise the Lord for AAA!  They have retrieved my keys from inside the locked doors of my car more times than I am comfortable sharing.

Let’s get down to brass taxes and talk about some sweatin’ (and no I’m not talking about this heat wave everybody’s all revved up about).

May I please present to you my workouts…

Last Week
Spin & BodyPump  Check!
Monday:  Off Bam, done!
Tuesday:  Spin Check, Check.
Wednesday:  BodyPump & BodyJam
Thursday:  BodyPump & StairMastering BodyAttack
Friday:  Off
Saturday:  Training Session Lake Swimming (my triceps were sore so I’m counting it!)

On the horizon for this week:
Spin & BodyPump
Monday:  Off
Tuesday:  Run
Wednesday:  BodyJam & BodyPump
Thursday:  Run
Friday:  Off
Saturday:  Training Sesh

I’m ready rock it, how about you?

Onto the miscellany.

Stella likes to help me put laundry away.  She is a thoughtful beast.

“Mermaid Princess” doll I saw at a gift shop in SoBe.  Ariel would be appalled.

Smiling is super uncool in Miami.


One Response to “Another miscellaneous Monday”

  1. Kristin July 26, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    Pringles and booty dancin’…That’s a recipe for fun!

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