Kiddie Foods

21 Jul

Kiddie foods.  I love ’em.

Everything about them is more fun. They have cute packaging, come in tiny little sizes, and they’re just plain delicious.

Here are some of my top choices when only a kiddie food will satiate my craving.

Chobani Champions

This is my most recent discovery.  The ‘honey-nana’ flavor beats any other flavor of greek yogurt I have tried.  I think this is because it reminds me of the taste of Yoplaits Custard Style Banana yogurt that I ate frequently in my childhood.  So delicious.

Tom Thumb & Safeway’s brand of Eating Right Kids, namely their frozen entrees and fruit and veggie packs.
I love these frozen entrees for when I’m in a pinch for lunch.  They come in yummy kid friendly flavors and are low calorie enough to pair with a salad or edamame.  The fruit and veggie packs make great snacks for when you are on the go.

Disney Foodles

I’ve only managed to find these fab little things at Super Target.  Like the eating right variety above, they make for great little snacks on the go.  Something to hold you over on an overly long and awesome Target shopping excursion.

Kid Cuisine

These don’t fall under healthy eating by any means but they aren’t so terrible its not okay to have one every once in awhile.  These take me back to weekends spent at my grandmothers.  She always had a stockpile of Kid Cuisine options for all the grandkids to choose from.  I was always a fan of the cheeseburger or chicken nugget varieties.

Oh Go-Gurt.  Another great snack on the go.  Anyone notice a theme here?  I used to be completely grossed out by the idea of eating yogurt out of a tube with no spoon.  Then I tried it and it was so delicious, who cares if I’m sucking it directly out of the plastic.  Probably not acceptable in a fine dining establishment, but totally cool when I’m in the car by myself.


One Response to “Kiddie Foods”

  1. tara July 22, 2011 at 1:37 am #

    hahahaha i’ve been known to eat kid cuisine every once in a while!

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