Road Trip Ridiculousness Day 3

8 Jul

Day three brought more pie (cherry this time, O to the M-G it was good), boats, weird signs about dead animals and 10,000 gallons of moon shine.

Most importantly Day 3 brought us Bedrock City.  The weirdest, most run down, awesomest place you may ever ride a slide at.  I don’t think this place had been touched since the 70s.  Stuff was falling apart all over the joint.  Nonetheless we all found this place to be incredibly charming and full of photo ops.

Try not to be jealous of my Goatasaurus sighting.  They are a rare find.

On site at Bedrock they had everything, grocery store, salon, jail, auto shop, volcano, and a movie theater playing the Flintstones on repeat.  You even got to walk through Fred and Barney’s houses.  Did you know they had leopard print bedding?  Hot.

We visited the dentist, school and hospital.  They were high tech back in the stone age.  Do you see the size of those syringes?

Amy and I were eaten by a giant snake.

We took a train ride around the property, through the volcano.  For those of you Dallas folk, the interior of the volcano made the interior of the Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags look like freakin’ space mountain.  Glorious, glorious.  Totally worth the $5 admission

This slide was actually really fun.  It was built decades ago, before child safety was a ‘thing’, so you went down super fast.

After we wrapped up our photo session at Bedrock we headed to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Holy mother of beautiful.  There are no words to describe how gorgeous it was up there.

We gave the Grand Canyon 3 solid thumbs up.

We took a jeep tour.  Not worth the money, never do this, explore on your own or take a tour that is longer than 2 hours.  We saw an Elk and Todd tried to take over the wheel but our crazy tour guide refused.

Once we wrapped up all of our Grand Canyon site seeing it was time to hit the home stretch to Vegas.  We stopped for dinner at the all famous Roadkill Cafe.  The food was good but a tad overpriced.

The sunset and darkness fell while we were in the middle of nowhere, no lights, nothing to see at all.  We headed up a hill and when we hit the top we spotted the ridiculous lights of Las Vegas.  We were almost there!

We checked into our Thursday night hotel and then headed to the airport to pick up our 4th, L2.

Then the real ridiculousness began.

See ya on the other side to talk about Vegas!


4 Responses to “Road Trip Ridiculousness Day 3”

  1. Sarah Soon-To-Be July 9, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    Pie >>>>>>> Cake.

    Can I come hang out? I’ll buy a Target pocket v-neck and pose for ridiculous pictures, swear.

    • linzlikewhoa July 10, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

      You should hang out! I think Vegas is the perfect halfway point between Texas and SoCal!.

  2. [SMASH] at Sweat Style Swoon July 10, 2011 at 6:12 am #

    Team Pie all the way! Love all the fun stops you all made on your trip! 🙂


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