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Vegas, Baby! Day 3

29 Jul

Seriously, could I drag these out any longer?  In 6 months I’ll still be telling you guys about this trip.  I suppose the sooner I get to it, the sooner its all over.

Let’s go.

We spent all day Sunday at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan.  I lounged, sipped mojitos, and plowed through The Hunger Games like a maniac.We managed to leave the pool (sad face) and make ourselves look presentable enough to be seen in public.  Dinner was served by the oh so fabulous Wicked Spoon buffet.  This place is way legit.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a swank buffet to hit up in Vegas.

They have wine dispensers on the walls.  In my dream house, I’ll have one of those.

They also have really super delicious chocolate covered marshmallows at the buffet.  We challenged D to a game of Chubby Bunny.  Anyone else ever play that?  You shove as many marshmallows in your face  as you can and then you must chant CHUBBY BUNNY.  Takes me back to my high school student council days.

The Chandelier is a multi-level bar in The Cosmopolitan that is inside of a most ginormous chandelier, go figure.  Its gorgeous.  The drink menu is different on each level of the bar.  We headed to the middle level to test out the Fire Breathing Dragons.  It includes lemongrass syrup, thae chili syrup, and raspberries.  They serve it with a side of liquid nitrogen ‘frozen’ raspberries that when you chomp on, they make you breath out ‘smoke’.

These were so very delicious that I would have happily drained my bank account drinking them one after another – They were $15 a pop and worth every last dime.

Unfortunately Amy and I had important an important engagement with Jordan, Joey, Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Nick, Howie, Bryan and AJ.  That’s right NKOTBSB.  Round 2, baby.

But… more on that later.


Book Club Friday Round 1

29 Jul

Today I am linking up with Heather for book club Friday!

This week I’m covering A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.

I am a huge fan of dog books, but since the ridiculous tragedy that was Marley & Me (pretty sure I cried ugly, snotty tears for days after both the book and the movie), I haven’t picked one up.  A co-worker of mine was raving about A Dog’s Purpose a couple weeks ago so I decided to give it ago.

I loved it.

Here is the synopsis:

A tail-wagging three hanky boo-hooer, this delightful fiction debut by newspaper columnist Cameron (8 Simple Rules for Marrying My Daughter) proposes that a dog’s purpose might entail being reborn several times. Told in a touching, doggy first-person, this unabashedly sentimental tale introduces Toby, who’s rescued by a woman without a license for her rescue operation, so, sadly, Toby ends up euthanized. He’s reborn in a puppy mill and after almost dying while left in a hot car, he’s saved again by a woman, and he becomes Bailey, a beloved golden retriever, who finds happiness and many adventures. His next intense incarnation is as Ellie, a female German shepherd, a heroic search and rescue dog. But the true purpose of this dog’s life doesn’t become totally clear until his reincarnation as Buddy, a black Lab. A book for all age groups who admire canine courage, Cameron also successfully captures the essence of a dog’s amazing capacity to love and protect.

I tend to love books that make me weep and this one succeeded in spades.  I loved reading the dog’s perspective on being ‘fixed’, being house trained, losing owners, and superiority to cats.  By far, the high point of this book was when Bailey finds his boy Ethan.  Throughout his remaining lives his love for Ethan is ever strong.

Any animal lovers should definitely pick up this book.  It has you in tears and the next thing you know you are laughing out loud  The quick pace makes it an easy and fast read.

No Televsion?

28 Jul

Back in June I did something totally blasphemous.  I canceled my cable & DVR service.

Temporarily.  Probably.

Alas I have not watched TV in my own place since June 4.

This might go down as the greatest achievement in my life.  You know, thus far.

It started when I found myself watching crap after crap.  The thoughts in my head were ‘oh, I’ll go to the gym when I’m done watching this episode of Real Housewives that I’ve already seen 17 times already’.  Then of course I’d have to watch the episode after that and then… well you can figure out hos this ends.

My TV was just becoming too much of a distraction.  There are projects I want to get done around my condo, books I want to read, pounds I need to lose.  So far I haven’t really missed it.  Anything ‘must see’  has been available online, anything else.  I’m only committed to doing this for the summer, until my faves come back on.

Until the fall seasons start up, I know I’ll survive without a problem.  My place is cleaner than ever, my closet is more organized, and I haven’t read this many books in so little time since I was in school.  I’d say my at home productivity is at an all time high.

I know technically I could go buy one of those antennae thingies I mentioned above but in the meantime I’m good.  If I decide I like having the extra $140 a month in my pocket, I may look for a cable alternative.

But as of right now, I’ll be calling Time Warner in September to bring back my long lost love.  Hopefully I won’t miss too many fabulous catfights from my fave Real Housewives.

In one year

27 Jul

In one year, magic will happen again.

Before we know it we’ll be enthralled with gymnastics, swimming, track and maybe a little power walking.

The swell of American pride.

Staying up until 3am watching table tennis and rhythmic gymnastics.

The bring-you-to-tears stories of the world’s greatest athletes.

The hotness that is Ryan Lochte.


If you would like to see more pictures of him, go here and thank TresSugar for being awesome.

Check out this photo from the ’96 marathon event.

Make that 1896.  The attire has changed just a wee bit since then, dontcha think?

Are you into the Olympics?  What is your favorite sport to tune into?

New Shoes!

27 Jul

Last August I bought the most precious little gray and black zebra BCBGeneration flats.  I was obsessed with them.  And unfortunately now it shows.  They’ve done been worn into the ground, y’all.

They are in embarrassingly horrible shape.  Even though I love them so I knew it was time to replace them.

Enter, my new obsessions.

I saw them on the interwebs and knew they must be mine.

Here’s hoping they don’t destroy as easy as their predecessors!

Target Tuesday: Flat Broke

26 Jul

Its Tuesday, which means time to celebrate Target and  link up with Tara!

I’m on a bit of a shoe kick right now and I’m pretty much in dire need of vamping up my collection of flats.  Target had a huge selection to help me do that without making me go entirely broke.

Here are some selections I’m currently pondering purchasing.

Women’s Merona® Manon Woven Flats – Olive

Women’s Merona® Meaghan Ruffled Flat Shoes – Mustard

Women’s Mossimo® Valera Studded Toe Flats – Faux Snake

Women’s Xhilaration® Sarina Twist Toe Flats – Toffee

Hailey Jeans Co Womens Heart Ornament Ballet Flats – Assorted Colors

Training for Tink

26 Jul

Signing up for the Tinkerbell Half has greatly motivated me to get down to business with my running.  I have been a major slacker in the running department since the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

I can count on both hands how many times I have run since that race.  Major sadness. 

The past few days I’ve been trying to figure out a sustainable training plan, and I think I’ve come up with one that may work.

I needed to accommodate a boot camp I signed up for for next month (Thanks LivingSocial!), and I wanted to make sure I could still fit in my favorite Monday night spin class and my (occasional) Saturday morning training session.  I am planning on signing up for Run On’s Trot On class that starts in September, which will give me a group to run with!

I also added in a couple of ‘0’ weeks to get my body adjusted to running again.  After that, its all ‘real’ training.  This race is going to be here before I know it!  The Melon Dash will be a good 5k to zap me back to reality and show me where I really stand with my running right now.  I’d like to find a 5k race for September but  I’m gone most of that month so I may have to find an out of town race.

If any one knows a fun 5k in Austin in September let me know!

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