Firefly Recap: Get me some water!

6 Jun

Saturday night I headed up to Plano for the Firefly Run, an illuminated nighttime 5k & 10k.

Sounds awesome, right?  Parts of it were, parts of it really sucked.

I put on my finest neon attire.

Then fueled up at Taco Diner.

I could drink their green sauce.

There we put on our millions (Seriously maybe 100 between 8 people) of glow in the dark jewels.  Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, you name it, we were wearing it.  And making  a scene at Taco Diner.

Then we headed off to the race and it was HOT.

The race seemed poorly organized from the get go.  We got there about 30-40 minutes before race time and the line for packet pick up was ridiculous.  Definitely more than a city block long.  I was beyond grateful my friend had picked mine up early (Thanks Jenna!).  Also it was ninety-something degrees out and there was no pre-race water that I could find.

The race started and the course was meh, but that was to be expected.  Its Plano, so you know you’re running by houses or businesses.  In this case it was businesses.  The 10k course was to do the 5k course twice, not a very exciting run for those folks.

There was only one water station, at the halfway point, and they were out of water by the time I got there.  I took a cup of ice and filled it up at a sprinkler down the course.  They were also out of bottled water at the finish and participants had to wait for the water jugs to be brought in, fine if you’re doing the 5k, but not if you just hauled boot-ay at the 10k

By far the best part of this race was the people watching.  Costumes were fabulous.  There were people who made, wigs, hats, and full on suits out of glowsticks, folks wrapped up in Christmas lights, and glow in the dark tutus.  You received two LED light bands with registration so literally EVERBODY was glowing.  It was really fun to watch.

This was experienced some clear growing pains.  They more than doubled in size as last year they had under 1000 participants and  this year I heard numbers between 2600 and 3300.  Hopefully next year they will up their game and have a better handle on the water and crowd control situations.

I’d be up for trying it again, but probably only for an excuse to wrap myself up in glowsticks.


One Response to “Firefly Recap: Get me some water!”

  1. [SMASH] at Sweat. Style. Swoon. June 6, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    What a fun nighttime run! You are simply glowing in your neon! 😉

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