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Life on the road

30 Jun

Oh y’all.  There has been so much.

Dinosaurs.  A waterpark in Amarillo.  Whiplash from said waterpark.  Meteor Craters.  New besties named Eduardo.  Blueberry Cream Pie.  Petrified Wood.  Dirt.  More wind than I ever knew was possible.  Lost lens caps.  Green chiles.  Standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist.  We are having a blast.  Bed Rock (yes, Bed.  Rock.), the Grand Canyon and finally ending up in Vegas are on the agenda for tomorrow.

Peace & Love, y’all.


On the road!

28 Jun

We are off!

Today’s magical destinations include

And (if you can handle it)

We’ll be hitting up Cadillac Ranch and going at it with some spray paint.  And then tonight we’ll be hitting up the Route 66 diner.  Its supposed to  be delish.  We’ll see.

Any Route 66 suggestions??

Have you seen my jump rope?

27 Jun

Its almost time!


Vegas, I’m coming for you.  You too, Grand Canyon.

Before I get all ADD on you, let’s talk about workouts.

Last Week:
:  Rest (could.  not. walk)
Monday:  Spin – check!
Tuesday:  StairMaster or Body Pump
:  StairMaster or Run BodyPump
Thursday Treadmill Workout Rest
Friday:  Rest
SaturdayTraining Sesh Rest/2mi walk with the tiny dog

Workouts this week are a bit up in the air due to my trip, so I have to play it by ear.  Do you know how much some hotels charge for you to use their gyms?  $15-20 a day.  Ridiculous.

Maybe they will knock that down to $0 when I start jump roping through their casino to get my cardio in.  Or maybe the will kindly ask me to leave and never return to their establishment.  I’ll keep you posted.

This week:
Rest/Dancin’ at NKOTBSB (check!)
Monday: Spin
Tuesday:  Roadtrippin’ road side jump roping.
Wednesday:  Road side jump roping
Thursday:  Grand Canyon-ing (hiking?)
Friday:  Hotel Gym-ing & club dancin’
Saturday:  Hotel Gym-ing & club dancin’

I pretty much take my jump rope with me on every single trip I take.  I rarely use it, but its nice to have a super easy-to-travel cardio option in the case of no gym (or in this case million dollar gym).

Do you take fitness equipment with you on trips?

Outfit of the week: Road Trippin’

24 Jun

Its Friiiiiiiiiiiiday!  I don’t remember the last time I was so excited for a Friday… probably last week, but whatevs.

I’ve slowly started packing stuff for my upcoming trip to OKC/Grand Canyon/ Vegas.  We have a long journey ahead of us and I want to be as comfy as possible in the car.  I’m thinking workout pants, tanks and slip on sneakers.  Oh and probably zero makeup.  My skin will be so happy for a break of fresh (desert) air.

Road Trippin'


I’ve had my neon green slip on Chuck Taylors since 2004 and they are freakin’ destroyed but I love them.  I don’t ever remember them looking as sweet and innocent as the one in this picture.

In other news, I’m creating a road trip jams playlist, please send me your suggestions!



For the love of onion rings

23 Jun

I ventured out to happy hour last Friday at my fave place for the summer, Katy Trail Icehouse.

We were in the mood for something ridiculous and delicious so we decided to go for the onion rings.



Do you see the ginormousity of that thing?  Crazy.  And they were delicious.  A little peppery, fried perfection.  Some days you just got to, right?

There was also a little of this action.

Viva the Beerita!  The beer totally dilutes the sweetness of the frozen ‘rita.  Delicioso.

Have you ever tried the Beerita (or Michelada or any other weird beer/booze combos?

Where did you get the best onion rings you’ve ever had?
Mine were hands down at Leonard’s in Memphis last month.  If you go to Memphis, you must try.

Oh the Miscellany

23 Jun

1.  Only 3 more workin’ days until I’m Vegas bound.

Vegas via the Grand Canyon, via the Oklahoma, via automobile.  I’m all about the shortcuts.

2.  Their was a hair in the breakfast taco that I ate for dinner tonight that was leftover from an office breakfast yesterday.  Are you with me?  It was from Breadwinner’s too… ga-effin’-ross.  Sick out.


3.  I’m watching the 6th season of Weeds on netflix right now.  Gotta say that show has really gone a far distance since the first season.  Can’t wait to see where this one leads!

Fun fact:  Only 99 days left until the State Fair of Texas!  Its my fave.

Read this now:  Blessings in Disguise (No More Bacon)  I may have teared up, sweet post.

Do this now:  Go wish Reeses a happy blogiversary!

A Shoe Miracle

22 Jun

So a couple weeks ago I experienced my very own shoe miracle.

All spring long I obsessed over Madewell‘s gorgeous Silverlake Sandal in the fabulous biscotti color.  I obsessed and obsessed and windows shopped my little heart out.  I just couldn’t bring myself to drop the $150 on a pair of shoes I wasn’t entirely sure I would wear all that often.

Le sigh.

Then they went on sale.  And for some reason I hesitated for a day or two.  And then they were gone.  Sold out.  Adios.  Goodbye shoe dreams.

Two glorious weeks ago I’m perusing Madewell’s shoe selection yet again, admiring the Silverlake lovelies in classic black, english saddle and a fun shade of coral.  Then I noticed it, the biscottis were back.  They were back!

I clicked on their sweet little picture to discover they were available in my size 9.  And only a size 9.  I was on it like white on rice, a few clicks later, they were mine all mine.  In 5-7 business days.

I stalked tracked them like crazy on UPS, and the minute I saw they had been delivered to the office a-hunting I went.  I had to try them on immediately.

Yay for crappy iPhone photos!

I love them and I want them on my feet at all times.  Every item of clothing I have bought (which sadly has been a lot) I have purchased to go with these shoes specifically.