Let’s talk about hair

23 May

Oh hair.  What a topic.  I’m pretty sure 2011 will forever be remembered as that year I hated my hair.

I started coloring my hair when I was 11 and never looked back.  Its been dark; its been playboy blond and pretty much every natural hair color in between.

I prefer being blond, unfortunately when you’re not naturally that way it gets expensive and time consuming and sometimes your hair gets fried.  Bleaching after bleaching after bleaching will do that.  Evidently.

So this year I decided to try something new.  In January I colored my hair super dark (well, dark for me) and decided I’d ride it out and let it fade until I absolutely could not stand it any more.  I’m on the brink and fighting the urge to get some highlights.  So  I began perusing old photos trying to figure out what color I had loved best before.

Care to join me on a stroll down hair color memory lane?

Hmm… methinks someone gained most of their weight between February 2004 and October 2004.  Damn you real world!

I first went ‘to the dark side’ in December 2003.  My own mother didn’t recognize me.  For the next few years I went dark every fall and blonded it up in the spring.  No wonder my hair got fried, it was confused.  I’m also glad I left my greasy side swept bangs in 2004.

Oh wait no, they reappeared briefly in 2005 at least they kind of look clean in this picture.  Thanks to dark hair and over tanning I looked like a complete fool for the beginning of 2005.  Oops.

In 2006 it was back to blond-blond but I started teasing my hair on a regular basis which is almost as good for your hair as bleaching it.

I only have one picture of my hair from 2007 because that was the year I did the least amount of stuff to it.  It stayed pretty much the same color and length.  I remained heavy on the teasing though.  Us Texas ladies love our big hair.

Don’t forget the Rave Hairspray.

Oh 2008.  Short.  Red.  Brown.  Blond.  Shorter.  Pretty sure I spend $900 less a year on eyeliner than I did in 2008.  Oy vey.

2009 another all blond year for this lady.  I chowed down pre-natal vitamins and biotin and went 3 months between hair cuts to get my mane to grow.  Success!

I miss that long blond hair more than I can tell you.  I colored my hair dark in October, went on a cruise and a week later it was blond again.  Money well spent, y’all.  Do you like my outfit in that October 2010?  I think I wore that exact same outfit in 3rd grade but the shorts were Umbros and not Lucy.

B-T-Dubs, whatever happened to Umbros?

I started off so strong in 2011 and its been downhill ever since.  I chopped some inches off then came the super dark hair which has faded lots to somewhat my natural color.  And while I absolutely hate the color, I also love not having the expense and not having to schedule my hair appointments 3 months in advance to get in with my stylist.

Have you had hair struggles?  Bad hair years?  Any serious regrets?

Sometimes its so hard being a girl.


One Response to “Let’s talk about hair”

  1. Reem May 23, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    I feel honored that I am in two and a half of these photos.

    And you know I love the dark. But damn the blond is pretty.

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