Five for Wednesday

27 Apr

Good morning, friends!  This Wednesday is really my Thursday, heck yes for being halfway there.

Let’s get to the musings, mmkay?

1.  I couldn’t make myself get up for spin this morning but I did muster up the energy for 20 torturous minutes on the elliptical.  My body so hates to move in the morning its ridiculous.  20 minutes on the elliptical = I get to watch last night’s Glee and Biggest Loser from the comfort of my couch this morning.  Yay!

2.  What is up with this guy’s hair?

He was interviewed on a Lifetime Royal Wedding special comparing Kate Middleton with Princess Diana.  I have no idea what he said because I was so distracted by his hair.  I’m amazed, impressed but most of all confused.  What product does one use to accomplish that?  All I can think of is There’s Something About Mary.

3.  Am I the only one who specially set my DVR to record Dancing With the Stars last night to capture the performance of NKOTBSB?

Be still my heart.  Nick Carter and Jordan Knight sang a verse together and I thought my heart was going to ‘splode.  All of my childhood and teenage dreams right in front of me.  If you’re wondering if I’m going to their show you’re silly, of course I am.  Dallas.  And Vegas!

4.  How cute is this little gift from one of my also obsessed with everything royal wedding friends?

She made this flag out of glitter cardstock and ribbon.  So cute!  Evidently the company that makes the cookies will do all the pastries like things for the wedding.  I plan on snacking on them during my road trip since I won’t be able to watch the wedding live.

5.  Speaking of the royal wedding, after hanging out with a few other royal wedding obsessed ladies I learned about all the programming I’ve been missing.  Apparently TLC and BBC America (duh, why did I not think of that?) have been airing specials constantly.  Thank the lord for DVR.  I will have no less than 48 hours of television to watch when I return from Memphis.  Time to make BFFs with my couch.


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