19 Apr

I caught the baking bug this weekend and had to come up with something yummy enough to take to work, lord knows I can’t keep baked goods in the house.

Enter this recipe.  Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes!

Hello lover!

Let’s get started shall we?

Because I’m lazy I used a yellow cake mix for the batter.

What is it about yellow cake batter that is just better than any other kind?

I filled the baking cups half way with batter then placed a mini Cadbury Creme Egg in the middle of each of them.

I covered the eggs up with the rest of the batter and then stuck ’em in the oven.  While they baked away I got the icing going.

Yay for fun colors!  I used the neon food coloring set, and was so excited with how the colors turned out.

Blue!  Pink!  Purple!  Green!

I may need to work on my icing technique.  It tasted fabulous but was a bit runny, almost like a glaze?  I followed the recipe on the back of the powdered sugar box, but does anyone have any truly fab recipes for buttercream icing?

In other exciting adventures from my kitchen, I’ve got to tell you about my dinner.

First meet my old friend:

Ye olde sandwich grill.

This thing is probably as old as I am, I stole it from my parents house years ago because it is awesome.  My dad made me many a grilled cheese with this thing in the 80s and 90s.  Remember those days?

I had a hankering for a PB & Banana sandwich and thought I would finally try this grilled banana situation everybody is always raving about in the blogosphere.  I peanut buttered up some bread, sliced up a nanner and chunked it into the grill.

Holy mother of delicious.  It was so good, I do believe I’m hooked.

I don’t know why I look like I’m scared of my sandwich.  Excuse my sweaty post-spin hot mess face.


2 Responses to “Caaaaake!”

  1. [SMASH] April 19, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    OMGYUM to your cupcakes and to that sandwich!


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