Get Muddy, Buddy

30 Mar

Last June I did my very first mud run, the Caveman Crawl, a 5k obstacle course.  The first obstacle, about 5 feet after the start line, was a shoulder deep pond we had to swim through.  Fully clothed, shoes and all.  Before the starting gun I was ready to walk way, this was so not for me.

Boy was I wrong.  It was a blast.

We climbed these ginormous blocks, huge spools and bales of hay.  There was a rope ladder, mud slide and more gross mud pits than I can remember.

The last 50 yards was where the ‘crawl’ part came in.  We had to literally crawl (because walking was impossible) through fabulous red dirt mud.  Pretty.

Can You tell it was red dirt?

After this I was hooked, I almost immediately signed up for the Jailbreak Run that following September.

Airplane arms are so now, trust me on this.

Matching t-shirt are a must in mud runs, as is my awkward face.  Nothing like ruining your custom made designs on the first wear!

I’m sure this water is 100% clean and drinkable.

I just  climbed a muddy wall made of tires, totally feeling good about life.  The Jailbreak had pretty much the same obstacles as the caveman, most importantly the mud slide, but the course was 3.5 miles instead of just 5k.

Finishing strong and almost clean looking.  Success!

Not pictured was the Ft. Worth Mud Run in November.  This one, was a lot of fun but a whole lot of miserable.  It was a 6 mile course and a really cold day.  At least too cold to be spending a significant time in water.  The obstacles were awesome (read:  tough) and I honestly skipped several of them because they were so difficult.

This was had a real ‘serious’ competition attached to it, you had to run in full army regalia, boots and all.  This race was hard core and I’m kinda glad there was no camera to witness my ridiculousness.  It took me a solid 12 hours to finally warm up again and I ended up getting strep throat after this race.  Super fun.

I highly recommend adding these into your race schedule, its a ridiculously fun way to mix up your usual 5k or 10k.  Following these mud runs I was sore in muscles I had forgotten I had, which to me always signals a good work out.

Here are my tips for surviving Mud Run obstacle course:

-Always pack an extra change of clothes to change into afterward, you won’t want to dirty your car up or drive home naked. Towels come in very handy, too.  They dry you off and serve as makeshift dressing rooms in parking lots (sad but true).

Wear gardening gloves. I have delicate lady hands and I’m not going to scab or blister them up on ropes or rocks.  These were a saving grace for my friends and I.

Bring extra bottles of water just in case the race does not offer ‘hosing down’ services

Do not wear or take anything with you on the course you don’t mind losing or ruining. I like taking a disposable camera to capture all the magic, and I always wear my oldest pair of shoes and least favorite workout tops or shorts.  No shoes I’ve worn on these have ever lived to talk about another workout.

Go with friends! These are way too awesome to do alone, you’ll want your friends around so you can all laugh at each other.  Also you may need pull you up, catch you, or encourage you through a rough obstacle.

Keep your mouth shut. Seriously.  Do not accidentally open your face in that water or mud, especially after a couple hundred folks have been through before you.  Yuck.  Our theme for the Caveman was CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

Have you ever done a mud run?

My friends and I just signed up for Beach Palooza in Galveston.  I can’t wait.  Obstacle course race on the beach?  Heck yes!


3 Responses to “Get Muddy, Buddy”

  1. [SMASH] March 30, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    Fun! A friend has enjoyed the Warrior Dash which is similar I think.


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