Saving Shirts

16 Mar

I’m not typically a person who ‘saves’ new clothes to wear to something ‘special’.  If I get new shoes I often wear them out of the store because I’m so excited about my new purchase.

For some reason it took me two weeks to put on my Disney Princess Half Marathon shirt.  I finally realized I was saving it.  I didn’t want to taint the shirt with a bad run or being tortured on the stair master, so I was holding out.  Earning this shirt was a big deal to me, I couldn’t waste the first wear on a bad workout.

Finally I got over myself and wore it to a yoga class.  Turns out everything was fine and the world didn’t stop turning.  Weird.

So MySpace Facebook.

Do you save clothes, workout or normal, for special occasions?  I’m saving my Fueled By Frosting shirt for the RnR Half, but only because I think its probably sprinkled with magic SR dust to make me fast(ish).


One Response to “Saving Shirts”

  1. Ash March 16, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Congrats on your journey! I’ve been going through the same thing the past year after gaining a bunch of weight my senior year of college. you look awesome!

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