Hoarders: Handbag edition

15 Mar


So.  Much.  Crap.

1. Keys – Viva la Golds!

2. Mini nail file, lint roller & spare hairband – gotta look your best!

3.  Snackies – The mini Luna Bar is swag from the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the Kind bar is swag from the Break a Leg 5k (that I did not go to, but paid for.  $40 well spent)

4.  Nars samples one of my BFFs bestowed upon me, score!

5.  Meds – Antibiotics from the sinus infection that prevented me from going to Austin President’s Day and Aleve because I always have it on hand

6.  Laura Mercier Powder – my love for Laura Mercier is no secret around here

7.  Emergency Kit – a gift from one of my favorite people

8.  Sunglasses – I hoard these in general but try to keep only one pair in my person.  You know on top of the extra pairs I keep at work and in my car.  Its sunny here in Texas you guys.

9.  Biotin – I’m trying to make my hair grow fast so I keep these I work so I never forget

10.  Moisturizing Tools – Aquaphor is the greatest thing on earth.  Thanks Natalie for spreading your addiction.  The Aveda hand lotion isn’t so bad either.

11.  Body Glide – I ordered this online because I’m unable to control myself when I head to my favorite local running store Run On!.  Its either pay $4 to Amazon or an extra $40 in fun crap I don’t really need.  Self control is an art, people.

12.  Lip Gloss Addiction – I need an intervention

13.  Hairbush – I gotsta be able to control my tangles at all times.  Ask any of my friends, I’m always the girl with the hairbrush.

14.  Pen Collection – I’m all about fun colors… and free pens from my salon.

15.  Spare Key – this baby gets tied to my shoe laces when I venture for runs in far off places… such as White Rock Lake

16.  Flip Clips – I keep these babies everywhere… I counted 7 in my purse.  You can find them all over my house, too.  Love ’em.

17.  Spare Jewels – I keep extra earrings in my purse (and in my car) in case I walk out of the house a frazzled mess having forgotten jewelry.  The ring was a fluke, I took it off for a massage last week and left it in my bag.

18.  Random Key – not really sure what this goes to or why I have it in my bag.

19.  Checkbook – I don’t usually carry this around but I’ve been writing lots of checks lately because apparently its 1993.

20.  Fun Fortune – I got this when I grabbed Chinese food with my BFF a couple weeks ago.  It reads “Love is in the Air”.  Nice to know the possibility is out there.

21.  Thank You For Being a Friend Ticket – I’m a total hoarder and keep ticket stubs and such, this will probably go into some box or manila envelope labeled 2011.  Neat.

Do you carry around random crap in your bag?  How many lip products do you think is normal to carry around?  Do you clean out your purse as rarely as I do?


4 Responses to “Hoarders: Handbag edition”

  1. Kristen @ Random Ramblings March 15, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    Hey! Saw your comment on Meals and Miles and noticed that you’re in Dallas too! Love your blog! 🙂

    • linzlikewhoa March 15, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

      Viva Dallas! So exciting to meet another Dallas-ite on here! Looks like you’re a fellow Saturn driver too:)
      Congrats on training for the OKC Memorial Half! I did the relay (only a 5k) last year and its a GREAT race, the spectators were so encouraging, and the race seemed very organized.

  2. pathtofab March 16, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    Yes, I carry the most random stuff too. I clean out my purse every few months and a couple days later I have a bunch of stuff again. I think I just need to switch to a small purse!
    I just found your blog and read your story. I love that last line about confidence : )

    • linzlikewhoa March 16, 2011 at 1:44 am #

      Thank you! No matter what size bag I have, be it a clutch or a duffle, I must stuff it to the max. Issues.

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