Eating by the week

14 Mar

When I first started losing weight I learned the importance of planning meals.  I had to take actions to prevent myself from going out to eat or grabbing something ‘quick’ when I wasn’t in the mood to cook – I am never in the mood to cook.

I began cooking my meals on Sundays so I didn’t have the excuse to not wanting to cook during the week.  If I got busy or things came up at night I already had my meals, no drive thrus or takeout menus needed here.

The only down side of this that I end up eating the same food several days in a row.  Some folks might be down with it, but I mix up my foods week to week so by the time I’m over something I’ve already eaten it all.  Worse case scenario, I’ll throw leftovers I’m no longer in the mood for in the freezer and eat it a couple weeks later.

For last week’s menu I made baked teriyaki chicken and a veggie stir fry with brown rice for lunches and ground turkey tacos with corn tortillas for dinner.

My baked chicken was longing for is stir fry…

Veggie & Grain-i-licious.

My turkey awaiting its accessories.


Side note:  The guac I bought from Aldi was extra spicy.  So yum.  Definitely recommend.

I gotst some cleanin’ to do y’alls.
On the agenda for this week’s menu is bean sprout pasta with shrimp and turkey meatloaf.  Now I am off to play Top Chef Dallas:  Operation Destroy Lindsey’s Kitchen.


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