Magic Kingdom Me

10 Mar

Ummmmm… I hope you’re ready to look at pictures.  Of me having a fabulous time at Magic Kingdom.

And if you’re nice you might get to see one of my dog in mouse ears.

Chip and Dale welcomed us with a parade.

Mickey keeps his eyes on the Papparazzi.

I am clearly skeptical about this Jungle Cruise situation.

Livin’ it up on the Jungle Cruise.  Or something.

Our BFF the beast totally waved at us.  BFFL

Kind of excited about Its a Small World… until things got uber creepy.

Or maybe it was that I got creepy?  Not sure.

He’s been waiting for another hug from me since 1987!

Everybody had these on. Took me all day, but I finally got my own pair.  Live your dreams.

The gang.

The castle is pink.  Pink!

Took about 86 takes to capture this magic.  Stupid kids getting in my way.  What are you excited about a ride or something.

The Beast lounging in her teacup.  This would look fab in her living room.

Obligatory picture in front of Cinderella’s castle.  Fabulous.

Disney Swag!  My new favorite headband, shirt and necklace.

Orlando, parting is such sweet sorrow.

These sorrows can only be consoled by margaritas.  Lots of margaritas.

Now as promised, here is a picture of my dog plotting my death.

What did I ever do to her?


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