Viva Epcot!

9 Mar

As Chanandler Bong once (should have) said… Could I be any slower at posting my Epcot pics?

Let’s do this.  Adventures at Epcot merely a couple hours after wrapping up the 13.1.

We were still angry at the ball for the number of times we had to circle it that morning.


No thanks… I’ve had my fill today.

Me no run.

Pooh and I have many things in common.  A love of honey.  A fear of woozles.  Red balloons. Friends with tiger’s blood.

The Beast loves her some Pluto.

Uh, can you come in here for a sec?

Uh, I think she’s trapped.

Chip helping me out with my thirst.

One of the greatest moments of my life.  Two beasts with THE Beast.

Bow to your sensei.

I may or may not have had a childhood obsession with The Lion King.  You don’t even want to know how many times I saw it in theatres… or how much of my allowance I spent on Lion King cards (all of it).

Reenacting is fun.

Rafiki stick!

The Beast wanted to sleep with her medal.

I just wanted to make out with mine.


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