Fit for a princess

3 Mar

Its sooooo good to have internet back!  I may have kissed my keyboard.

This weekend I ran 13.1 miles in a hot pink skirt and leopard socks.  And I had a freakin’ blast.

See?  Smiling at mile 12.godknowswhat.

The Beast and I were up bright and early.  Did you know hotels do wake up calls at 2:45am?

The blurry crowd.  This is how my eyes saw it too.  5am is not my prime time.

Pumped and ready to go!

Starting line!  Each time another corral started fireworks went off.  It was fabulous.

‘Bout to enter the Magic Kingdom!  I was way too excited for this sign, little did I know we had miles of emptiness to run through before actually entering the ‘real’ park.

At last! What I’ve been waiting to see all morning!

Roundin’ up the back, about to enter the castle.

I made it!  All downhill from here.

Genie! (and Pinocchio)

Gaston and Belle.  This was the ultimate low point for me.  I had been running all morning to see the Beast at mile 7.2.  And when I got there?  He was nowhere to be scene.  I wanted to throw a fit, but I decided I was better off just finishing the race.  So I trekked on.

Not gonna lie.  Mile 9-10 totally sucked.  I hated it.  Nothing but a giant highway straightaway and no Epcot in sight.  Bleh.

FINALLY!!!  Never been so excited to see a stupid ball in my life.  I love Epcot.

Mile 13.  Only .1 to go.  PTL!

Not my official time.  Officially i was 2:43:03.  I paused le Garmin when I stopped for pics and such.  Oh wells.

I could have hugged the lady who gave me my medal, I’ve been dreaming of getting that thing for over  a year and it felt so good to finally have it.  I can’t recommend this race enough, its perfect for someone like me, a girly girl doing her first half marathon.  The course is flat, the characters at every mile (or less!) make the miles fly by, and the crowd is fabulous.   Costumes are out of this world, I was so distracted by everything going on around me I didn’t even turn my iPod on (unheard of for this girl right here) until after mile 7.

I loved, loved, loved this race and I can’t wait to go back and do it again next year.


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