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Five things I love about spring

31 Mar

The cold weather in Dallas this week has me missing last week’s fabulous warm, sunny weather.  Obviously I took that weather for granted because I am really missing the warm sunshine this week.

So let me present to you

My 5 favorite things about Springtime

Crowds on the Katy Trail

Driving with my windows down

Starbucks Iced Tea Lemonades

Quality time with Beautiful Princess at the Dog Park

Margaritas on Patios (preferably this one, this one or this one)

Vive le patio!

How do you celebrate Spring?

Other Things I’m Liking Today:

Lisa’s new blog design, so cute!

Low Calorie Sushi Orders – FitSugar

Skinny Runner’s AHHMAZING Giveaway



Get Muddy, Buddy

30 Mar

Last June I did my very first mud run, the Caveman Crawl, a 5k obstacle course.  The first obstacle, about 5 feet after the start line, was a shoulder deep pond we had to swim through.  Fully clothed, shoes and all.  Before the starting gun I was ready to walk way, this was so not for me.

Boy was I wrong.  It was a blast.

We climbed these ginormous blocks, huge spools and bales of hay.  There was a rope ladder, mud slide and more gross mud pits than I can remember.

The last 50 yards was where the ‘crawl’ part came in.  We had to literally crawl (because walking was impossible) through fabulous red dirt mud.  Pretty.

Can You tell it was red dirt?

After this I was hooked, I almost immediately signed up for the Jailbreak Run that following September.

Airplane arms are so now, trust me on this.

Matching t-shirt are a must in mud runs, as is my awkward face.  Nothing like ruining your custom made designs on the first wear!

I’m sure this water is 100% clean and drinkable.

I just  climbed a muddy wall made of tires, totally feeling good about life.  The Jailbreak had pretty much the same obstacles as the caveman, most importantly the mud slide, but the course was 3.5 miles instead of just 5k.

Finishing strong and almost clean looking.  Success!

Not pictured was the Ft. Worth Mud Run in November.  This one, was a lot of fun but a whole lot of miserable.  It was a 6 mile course and a really cold day.  At least too cold to be spending a significant time in water.  The obstacles were awesome (read:  tough) and I honestly skipped several of them because they were so difficult.

This was had a real ‘serious’ competition attached to it, you had to run in full army regalia, boots and all.  This race was hard core and I’m kinda glad there was no camera to witness my ridiculousness.  It took me a solid 12 hours to finally warm up again and I ended up getting strep throat after this race.  Super fun.

I highly recommend adding these into your race schedule, its a ridiculously fun way to mix up your usual 5k or 10k.  Following these mud runs I was sore in muscles I had forgotten I had, which to me always signals a good work out.

Here are my tips for surviving Mud Run obstacle course:

-Always pack an extra change of clothes to change into afterward, you won’t want to dirty your car up or drive home naked. Towels come in very handy, too.  They dry you off and serve as makeshift dressing rooms in parking lots (sad but true).

Wear gardening gloves. I have delicate lady hands and I’m not going to scab or blister them up on ropes or rocks.  These were a saving grace for my friends and I.

Bring extra bottles of water just in case the race does not offer ‘hosing down’ services

Do not wear or take anything with you on the course you don’t mind losing or ruining. I like taking a disposable camera to capture all the magic, and I always wear my oldest pair of shoes and least favorite workout tops or shorts.  No shoes I’ve worn on these have ever lived to talk about another workout.

Go with friends! These are way too awesome to do alone, you’ll want your friends around so you can all laugh at each other.  Also you may need pull you up, catch you, or encourage you through a rough obstacle.

Keep your mouth shut. Seriously.  Do not accidentally open your face in that water or mud, especially after a couple hundred folks have been through before you.  Yuck.  Our theme for the Caveman was CLOSE YOUR MOUTH!

Have you ever done a mud run?

My friends and I just signed up for Beach Palooza in Galveston.  I can’t wait.  Obstacle course race on the beach?  Heck yes!

If you need me…

30 Mar

I’ll be locked away until I finish reading…

Sweet Valley is back, y’all!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal

29 Mar

Today’s breakfast totally knocked my socks off.


(Thanks Lesley!)


nom nom nom

Now, I know its not pretty (nothing I cook ever is!), but it was absolutely delicious.  Excuse me whilst I run to the store for a year’s supply of Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter and Better Oats Strawberries and Cream instant oatmeal.  Side note:  I also stirred in a spoonful of chia seeds for extra oomph.


Rockin’ and Rollin’, kinda

29 Mar

I tried to rock it, but mostly I just got rolled… over by the RnR Dallas Half.  I had a great time (I can say this now that its over!) and I’m glad I did it, but I have to say it was was a lot tougher for me than the Disney Princess Half.

It was really cool to do a race around my hometown, even though when I passed my street (before mile 3) I kinda wanted to run to my couch and sleep.  I never quite got into a groove, but I crossed the finish line and got that sweet Texas Star shaped medal.

Saturday I headed to the expo with The Beast, I had gone Friday but wanted to exchange my shirt since the sizes were running ginormous.  And The Beast wanted to check out the sweet deals on shoe in soles for her rude feet.

Confident from the get go.

Rockin’ Out, y’all.

The Brooks Cavalcade

Human Jesus Lizard!

After the Expo it was lunch time… Bloody Mary’s may have been consumed. 

This brings me to race day.  Get a load of the crowd.  See the sun?  Nope, it was nowhere in sight.  So much for all that sunblock!

My view from Corral 10.  Holla.

Slowly but surely corral after corral hit the starting line.


Almost time to roll.

This was when I realized my Garmin was dead.  D E A D.  Dead.  Crap.

I’m really inconsistent about speed.  I need to know how fast I’m (not) going so I can adjust and gauge and know what the heck I’m doing.  I have ADD and am unable to remember the time on the clock from mile to mile.  For a toy I’ve only had since Christmas, I really depend on this thing a lot and not having it was a huge deal.  It was on the charger all night, I guess I just didn’t have it clicked into the cradle right?  There is really no telling.

Without knowing my speed or distance (between miles) I settled into viewing the lovely sites of Big D.


Old Red Courthouse

Reunion Tower and some runners

If you’re ever designing a race and want people to run fast, have the course go by the county jail.


Despite the fact that the course went through some of Dallas’ most beautiful and historic neighborhoods, I managed to only take pictures of the ugliest parts of town.  We ran by a place called Broken Glass Auto Repair… scenic.

I was ready to get to mile 3 because that’s when I would start seeing my peeps.  I had fabulous peoples (the parents, some fab ladies and MY DOG) at miles 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11.  I love them so much!  They were there to take my dead Garmin and useless sunglasses and hook me up with Body Glide and Aleve.  My BFF (now called Coach Kel) even ran with me from 9.5 -11.5.  Big fat thank you to Jamie, Leslie and Kelly and of course the ‘rents.  This race would have been a lot more painful without their faces and super awesome signs.

This is really me yelling at my mom to ‘have you ever used a camera, just take the picture!’

Lookin’ smart.

After Coach Kel peaced out I had just under two miles to kill before the finish line.  Fortunately the scenery just kept getting better and better.

Texas Star!

Thank you lord!


I was completely drained after this race.  I took an hour nap and went to sleep at 8 and was still zapped all day Monday.  I blame the weather, after a day in the 80s on Saturday, race weather was in the low 50s, quite a difference.  Oh, Texas, your weather never ceases to confuse my body and my immune system.

I thought Rock n Roll put on a really great race.  Everything I witnessed was super organized and they managed to put a little fun into everything.  The expo had a nice variety of Vendors (including RunDisney!) and some fab photo ops.

The only critique I can even come up with is the t-shirt.  It was kind of mehhh and the sizing was way off.  Its clearly a men’s shirt, in no way is it meant for a woman’s body.  As a race that benefits the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, they should really have a ladies options since so many ladies will be running a race attached to Komen.

Speaking of… Major shout out to all those who ran in honor of a loved one and a HUGE ‘omigod you’re so amazing, I cannot even comprehend’ to all the survivors that ran.  So inspiring, there are no words.

I would run this race again, but probably with more than three training runs the month before.  My bad.  That may explain why I felt like I got beaten in my sleep the next day.


100 Things I Used to Love

28 Mar

A few months ago I went into get rid of my old MySpace page and stumbled across some fabulous gems.

Lists I made when I was 23.  Almost 5 years ago in 2006.  Clearly, some things have changed since then.

Dated June 27, 2006

  1. table cords Still obsessed with these, EVERYTHING should have a retractable cord.
  2. friends reruns Duh.
  3. sequins My love of these has only intensified.
  4. DC at dusk Miss this.
  5. the worn marble stairs all over the capitol complex Didn’t miss this until I read this.
  6. my iTrip Probably haven’t used that since 2005.
  7. chick lit Meh, on occasion.
  8. Burts Bees Still ‘like’ this, but my heart belongs to Aquaphor now
  9. Dr. Pepper LOVE this, but rarely have it
  10. Lightening storms Only at a distance
  11. camera phones Are there phones now that don’t have cameras?
  12. loud music I’ll probably be deaf by 30
  13. Hoodies
  14. Big earrings
  15. Sunday brunch Now its just an essential part of my weekend
  16. Nicholas Sparks
  17. Corn Dogs At the state fair!
  18. Seeing movies by myself
  19. playing dress up Always
  20. Hefeweizen with lemon Forgot about my old ‘usual’
  21. the State Fair of Texas (NOT the Texas State Fair) Favorite place ever
  22. my tap shoes I need to bust these out again…
  23. Big Sexy HairsprayIts all about Garnier and Herbal Essences
  24. Grande Nonfat Toffee Nut LattesI’m a skinny hazelnut latte kinda girl on the rare occasion I visit Starbucks
  25. WiFi Radom but obvs
  26. people who can wink well Its a talent I’ve never mastered
  27. Celebrity Gossip Blogs Only occasionally do I visit these now
  28. Painting pottery Word.
  29. Holleration One of my favorite greetings
  30. chunky apple sauce Nom
  31. pudding Nom
  32. the sleep button on my alarm clock Some days i love this a little too much
  33. Tetris My love for this game will always run deep
  34. TLC
  35. cheesy teen movies Easy A anybody?
  36. movie soundtracks Yep.
  37. playing in the waves at the beach Favorite beach activity.
  38. tinsel I love to make a mess.
  39. candy corn and mallow cream punkins Evil.
  40. play-doh Random, but sure.
  41. college football season (Boomer!) Forever
  42. Cosmo Confessions
  43. Maui Love… close second is Costa Rica
  44. Us Weekly Fashion Police
  45. little kids with  accents Was this after Charlie bit my finger?
  46. growling and hissing My friends and I are awesome.
  47. egg shaped candy bars (they’re better, I swear) Heck.  Yes.
  48. Canadians YES!
  49. Pinot Noir I’m more of a Cab kind of girl now, but whatevs.
  50. Cardigans Yes.
  51. teasing my hair More often than not.
  52. Rockstars with a sense of humor Yep.
  53. the phrase ‘on a stick’ Still use this
  54. car rides with friends, short or long Absolutely
  55. My habit is worse than ever.
  56. cereal I can’t be trusted unsupervised around boxes of cereal.  That’s how much I love it.
  57. black pepper and lime potato chips
  58. flip-flops
  59. purple ink pens and green and blue and pink and turquoise…
  60. inside jokes Mmmhmmm.
  61. the American History Museum Miss this too.
  62. the smell of a spa It immediately relaxes me.
  63. TBS Friends and Seinfeld reruns?  Okay.
  64. Jasmine One of my favorite smells.
  65. The Little Mermaid Clearly my love for this still runs deep.
  66. pinky swears Sure, why not.
  67. Cotton Candy You betcha.
  68. how big the sky is in Texas Its no Wyoming, but I’ll take it.
  69. swimming pools I still love a good pool party
  70. swings Wish I could remember the last time I was on a swing
  71. getting a case of the giggles Happens on occasion
  72. movie quotes I can have entire conversations in movie quotes.
  73. roller coasters On the rare occasion I’m at a theme park, I still love these.
  74. weirdos on the metro I kinda miss them in a weird way.
  75. bellinisTraded these in for Bloody Mary’s
  76. cake love cupcakesSprinkles and Society Bakery Cupcakes
  77. the view of Dallas from the Texas Star Totally worth the $12 ride
  78. hopes, dreams, and the possibility of it all  I have a ring that says this
  79. getting real mail its so rare!
  80. long sleeve t-shirt weather Sundress weather
  81. college ruled notebook paper I hate wide ruled.
  82. they way my parents house smells Hasn’t changed ever.  Love it.
  83. dance parties Must have.
  84. phone calls with friends at workOh to be 22 and unbusyish.
  85. kittens and puppies I finally got my own puppy!
  86. Movie Trailers Sometimes better than the actual movie
  87. red front doors My parents just got rid of theirs.  Sadness.
  88. postsecret Can’t believe I’ve been reating PS that long
  89. songs that remind you of another place in your life Oh, yes.
  90. 80s movies Forever.
  91. being a sorority girl Luvage.
  92. tapas Don’t eat these early enough.
  93. nicknames So much.
  94. air drums I’ve been known to bust these out on the treadmill.
  95. pop anthems Addicted.
  96. board games I suck at Monopoly, but I lurve it.
  97. random dreams As long as they’re good random.
  98. SNLs The Best of Chris Kattan Watch this.  Seriously.
  99. sincere compliments Do these ever get old?
  100. happy hours that last all night Its been entirely too long since I participated in one of these.


Where is my patio weather?

28 Mar

Seriously.   Saturday I enjoyed the  beautiful weather on a jumpin’ patio and then yesterday brought me back to a cold reality.

Spring where did you go?  We were just getting reacquainted with each other.


Coming Soon: Rock n Roll recap & my take on mud runs