Still Alive

31 Jul

Though you certainly wouldn’t guess it from this photo.


Half marathon training has commenced!  And it sucks.  And its hot.  And its probably  a lot of other things too. 

But I’m doing it.


I’m signed up for the 13.1 Dallas race on October 26.  I signed up for this race when it was actually nice outside, completely forgetting I’d have to start training in 100 degree weather. 

Oh well. 



How to Pose

6 Dec

For as long as us ladies have been posing, the over the shoulder smolder has been in our bag o’ tricks.


We’ve seen it in black and white.


Marilyn rocked it in color with a nice, bold, red lip.


And at long last a lady has come around who has finally perfected it.


She looks a bit pensive, no?

A lesson on cause and effect

5 Dec

Thanks Living Social!


We found love in a hopeless place.

4 Dec

As I attempt to get legitimately back on track in regards to food, my mind can’t help but wander to magical thoughts about all those delicious noms that are oh-so-very terrible for me.

Its a tragic love story really.

Would you like to come along with me?

Press play, grab your (uber buttery) popcorn and let’s do this.

38 39 40 51 50 49 48 47 42 43 44 45 cookies 37 32 33 34 Five Guys Fries 36 31 30 29 28 27 22 23 24 25 26 21 16 11 10 15 20 19 14 9 8 13 18 17 12 7 1 6 5 4 3 2



Many thanks to The Beast for her help, input and support on this post.

What delicious foods did I miss, y’all?

I used to have a blog.

31 Aug

Oh hey.  Fancy seeing you here.

So its been 4 months since my last post.  I’ve been really on top of things.  Seriously, just super.  Shall we catch up?

1.  I’m signed up for 3 Half Marathons.  Disney’s Wine & DineThe Houston HalfThe Austin Half.  I’ll probably sign up for Dallas to while I’m at it.

2.  I’m pretty sure I hate running right now.  This will pass right?  I just have to push through the pain and hatred?

3.  I turned 30.  How the hell did this happen?  I swear I was just 18, and we all know I certainly act like I still am.  To celebrate I hopped on a cruise ship and avoided reality for a week.  It was glorious.

4.  I’ve been really good about working out in the morning’s this summer.  And by really good I mean good in comparison to the rest of my life.  I make it to a class an average of 2 mornings a week.  Who am I?!

5.  I miss this little place here on the interwebs.  Here’s hoping to more frequent posting, you know, now that I’m a legit, responsible grown up.

Austin 10/20

19 Apr

Last weekend I hauled my cookies down to the ATX to join in the fun for the inaugural Austin 10/20 10 mile race.

This race offered a flat course, a rarity in central Texas and, with 20 bands along the way and a super gigantic medal, so it was pretty easy to sell it to me.

With this race, I did something I’ve never done before.  I walked the entire thing.  And my body absolutely  hated it.  Blisters, cramps and major soreness the next day.  Pretty sure I’ll be sticking to my super slow jog.  At least I know it works for me.

Why yes, I am a former professional ballerina.  I was totally jumping for joy that it was all over.

Epic 90s rockers Everclear were the ‘headliners’ at the finish.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t looking too great so the crowd was dismal at best. They played all their hits (Santa Monica will always be my favorite) and right as they started their last song, the skies opened up and it started POURING.  We made a mad dash to our car, but the quarter mile we spent in the downpour left us completely soaked.

The 10/20 had great crowd support, tons of volunteers, sufficient water and Gatorade stops and the bands were most excellent.  My only complaint is the course itself.  Yes, it is flat, which I love, but it was not very scenic at all.  In a city as lovely as Austin, give me scenic.  We started and finished near The Domain (which was an absolute dream for parking, tons of garages and lots) and then winded around random neighborhoods and a warehouse district.  I think I would trade the flatness for a prettier route, I think.

Just me and one of my favorite ATX landmarks.

I’m not sure if I would do this race again.  It was expensive, with an $80 registration, and I wasn’t totally in love with the course.  I could probably  be peer pressured into if the headliner is another one of my 90s faves.  Third Eye Blind!  Are you listening to me 10/20 people?  Third Eye Blind.


4 Apr

Almost a year ago I posted this.

Then finally last night this happened.

Yes, that is indeed a fan sneak preview poster.  Its only for very important people.  Please don’t be too jealous.

Also, these.

Legit Titanic special people 3D glasses.  I shall treasure these forever.  Disregard my bad skin and rat’s nest hair, not really sure what’s up with that.  Just enjoy my saucy side glance stare.

As much as I love the movie (really only the non-depressing first half), I have to say the 3D was kind of pointless.  The parts that really stood out in 3D were when the ship was sinking and honestly I don’t want to be any closer to that situation than 2D.   Its always a pleasure to see Leo and Kate together though so I (and my 15 year old self) thoroughly enjoyed that.

I’m certain the entire Titanic score will be stuck in my head for the next month.  Yes, Celine, I get it.  My heart will go on, too.